Sippin Craft Brews at a Bar Where Demogorgons Hang Out


Last Tuesday I walked into this bar in Lakewood, Ohio called The Side Quest, a cozy little joint with dim lighting the color of whiskey, wall shelves stacked with board games, and a demogorgon (from Stranger Things, for all you nerds out there who need differentiation) statue (was it hollow plastic?) that’s tall enough to play college hoops at least at the Division Two level (do they ball hard in The Upside Down?). McKenzie was on her laptop, watching a video with some guy at the bar who recommended it to her. Then she chatted up the bartender like they were buds. It felt as if she’d invited me to a place she’s been a regular at for years, except I knew she’d walked in here for the first time maybe three hours before. She sat down to do homework and ended up interviewing the bartender for her blog and cracking jokes with the people sitting beside her. She seemed at home.

side quest

I’m not sure if this is normal for her, since we met just a month back. For those of you who don’t know, McKenzie is the other geeky millennial who writes this blog. She’s currently rocking a pixie cut. She wears grandma sweaters and calls them works of art. We connected over a mutual “Hey, you also dig Virginia Woolf?” moment.

(Some of you can roll your eyes here, but remember this blog is called “Hipster Shampoo.” What’d you expect from us? We’re hipsters and we’re rockin it! Or at least McKenzie is; she thinks I’m a hipster in denial.)

Anyways, she’s pretty cool, you know?

You probably do know, since it’s likely most of you reading this post already read her main blog,¬† You’re probably friends with her and will only read a post or two I’ll pen on this poorly-named new blog cause you’re wondering who the hell this Kyle guy is. So there’s probably no reason for me to tell you that McKenzie is the kind of human who sits down at a bar for the first time and already appears to be a regular after just a few hours of sipping fruity beers and doing homework on her laptop. She’s genuinely friendly in a way that almost intimidates me.

That’s the kind of person I want to be around.

Postscipt: I’m not into advertising (it’s the lowliest genre of writing), but if you’re a self-proclaimed nerd and live in the Cleveland area, you should check out The Side Quest. Here’s a link to their website:¬†


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